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Cold Bed Chain Pitch 135

Cold bed chain is produced for the metallurgical industry, e.g. in metal plants. Truly engineered to meet the demands of equipment in harsh environments, it offers excellent load-carrying capacity at high temperatures.

This number of conveyor chains is suitable for metallurgical markets such as steel mills. It is specifically designed to support large masses below high-temperature conditions for applications in harsh environments. For example, our heavy-duty alloy steel chains use specialized bearings as rotating parts to ensure greater load-carrying capacity and reduce operational possibilities.

Our cold bed chains also help in conveying steel coils and sheets as metal rolls. In addition, we can easily provide chains for various purposes such as product cooling and drying, steel ingot lifting, steel pipe pushing and pulling, etc. for the metallurgical field.

Dimensions of Pitch 135 Cold Bed Chain


Sprockets for Cold Bed Chains

Properly chosen sprockets can improve the performance of cold bed chains, so it is important to choose the right ones. There are several factors to consider when choosing a chain. The pitch of the chain is important, as is the length between the sprockets. In addition, you should consider the angle of the lap on the sprocket.

In cold bed chains, the sprocket should be durable and of the right size. It should be made of heavy-duty steel and should be able to withstand a high level of wear. The sprockets should be lubricated regularly to prevent rusting and will help keep the chain in good condition. We can provide high-quality and durable sprockets for sale at low prices.

Sprockets are toothed wheels that engage with the chains. They come in many types with varying tooth counts and bore sizes. Some sprockets have a flange to keep the timing belt centered. Some types are made with carbon steel that is 1045CD hardened and conforms to ANSI B29.1 standards. Other types are designed to be noiseless and suitable for high-speed operation.

Proper lubrication improves the lifespan of the drive and extends its service life. It also reduces the frictional heat within the joints. This heat varies with the chain speed, chain size and center distance. Under normal conditions, chain drive temperatures should not exceed 180deg F. However, if there is a lack of lubrication, the temperature may rise higher than 180deg F, which may destroy the chain.

Why Choose Ever-Power Cold Bed Chains?

Ever-power transmission group is a professional manufacturer of particular chains with large pitches. We have a complete chain production line, equipment selection, and process design that adhere to high efficiency, energy-saving, and automation, with perfect testing equipment, high-quality enterprise management, and professional technical personnel. We focus on the production, processing, and sales of the drive chains, particular chains, chain accessories, machinery parts, and so on, forming an “aluminum, fine, special, creative” separate chain development and production system. We have mastered the core technology of chain production and are proficient in core processing. All products are widely used in sugar, paper, cement, wood, food, mining, metallurgy, and other industries. We pay attention to the reputation of product quality through IS09001:2008 quality management system certification and obtain self-supporting, agent-related products and technology import and export business qualifications. Our products are exported to all provinces and cities in China, Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. You can trust Ever power, a professional drive chain supplier that you can rely on.

1. Large bell-type intelligent annealing furnace:
stable and reliable annealing quality and low energy consumption
2. Mesh belt furnace:
first-class domestic mesh belt furnace heat treatment production line
3. Multipurpose furnace:
Epson multipurpose furnace provides stable and reliable heat treatment quality
4. ABB intelligent welding robot:
instead of manual completion of complex welding operations, the welding is beautiful, stable, and reliable
5. Automatic hot riveter: the self-developed automatic assembly line of welding chain can replace manual to realize automatic outcrop and hot riveting, with stable products, high precision, and high efficiency
6. Induction quenching equipment: the self-developed semi-automatic induction quenching equipment successfully realizes selective (local) induction quenching of pin shaft and induction quenching of sprocket teeth
7. Programmable gantry cutting machine: it has the functions of plasma cutting and flame cutting
8. CNC machining center: CNC vertical machining center and CNC horizontal machining center, which meet the processing of high-precision molds and products

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