Grain King Dryers Tower Bin Blower Control System Network Wheat Corn   Italy Sask

Grain King Dryers Tower Bin Blower Control System Network Wheat Corn   Italy Sask

Product Description

CZPTsun Series minimal temperature circulation dryer is a new variety of drying products, mostly employed for drying rice, wheat, barley, corn and other food crops, as effectively as grain seeds. It can efficiently remove the moisture in the grain and recognize mass storage. The drying products is extensively employed in grain depot, rice processing, seed industry, and so on.



one. Low temperature, huge air quantity circulating variety drying approach. Extended temping time, skinny grain layer to keep paddy vitality, enhance paddy palatability.

2. Pc checking drying procedure to make sure the greatest drying performance. Grain temperature, scorching air temperature and humidity detection are absolutely controlled by PLC.

three. CZPT detection and display for Air temperature ( sizzling air temperature 38ºC-55ºC) and grain temperature (≤35ºC). Large accuracy of temperature management, and one hundred% suited for substantial dryer functionality necessity.

4. Geared up with substantial precision humidity detector, computerized detect grain moisture. Checking humidity proportion in the whole system, when the humidity percentage is satisfied, dryer will cease automatically.

five. Geared up with Minimal velocity, massive electrical power elevator. Quickly load and unload pace, minimal broken era.

6. Loading style: distribution plate to enhance uniformity degree of dryer, differ from normal character fall.

seven. Unloading design and style: one screw sort patent layout, substantial performance and low fault price.

eight. Cordwood style style, total assembly composition, easy to maintain.

9. Excellent corrosion resistance, drying segment outfitted with 430# stainless steel display, one.6mm carbon alloys aspect plate to ensure helpful existence more than 15 a long time.

10. Unique design and style in drying area and dryer, no dust retention, simple to clean and mend.

eleven. when circulate chain is ruined owing to put on, the energy will be change off to keep away from truthful catastrophe end result from idle running.

12. CZPT change off time is 15 seconds, to make sure all the grain be conveyed and keep away from grain blocking.

13. 1800mm big drying layer to boost drying efficiency.

fourteen. Patented design fan: Reduced sound, double levels impeller, gentle steel alloy, exhaust air uniformly, extended helpful daily life.


CZPT Parameter










Capacity (Tons, Paddy 580kg/m3)


twenty five




seventy five

a hundred

a hundred thirty


Height (mm)









Length X Width (mm)

4830 x 3850

9323 x 6400

7843 x 7214


380V 50HZ









a hundred and ten

Feeding (Min)







eighty five

sixty three



forty seven

fifty seven

sixty one

forty three

sixty four


sixty three

Drying rate(%/h)



Basic safety device

Overload safety, total load alarm, set time change, temperature management, chain break inspection, control fuse etc

CZPT equipment

Moisture automatic meter, feeding hopper, duster


Gravity discharge function, husk furnace


Solution Photo


Packing Shipping

Very first, the brown rice is fed to rice polisher by way of screw head. the floor of the rice grain is polished by friction underneath a specified pressure and temperature. By way of the sharpening therapy, not only the floating surface of the rice grain can be cleared, but also the starch is pregelatinized and gelatinized on the area of the rice starch, and the starch gelatinization makes up for cracks, therefore obtaining the smooth physical appearance, improving the storage life of the rice, for that reason polished rice is really needed.


Our Services

[Consulting Provider] Our expert supplies you with pre-sales experience consulting providers, system evaluation, offering the greatest engineering resolution

[CZPT Services] Set up special undertaking crew of complex, set up and revenue for you. to style, put in and commissioning a complete established of equipments, entire method monitoring support.

[Training Provider] Our authorities in technological innovation and management supply you prolonged time period production, operation, management, servicing and other specialist capabilities instruction, to help you teach procedure, technologies, management personnel.

[CZPT Component Service] We provides substantial-good quality and reliable first accessories. And the service centers also preserve shop of a specific number of typical add-ons to meet the demand of speedy offer.

[Website services] Our provider engineer goes deep into your website to fix practical difficulties. Carry out on-web site education on the use of merchandise and look for for advancement of a new way of thinking and strategy to lessen expense and improve effectiveness.


1. What is the shipping and delivery time of this device if we guide get appropriate now?

We will deliver your get in 30-60days count on different of equipment.

2. How do you pack this device for exporting?

We will supply packing which is appropriate for the agreed means of transportation and for the foreseeable conditions of storage at the spot.

3. How can we make inspection prior to supply?

We welcome you deliver your inspection manager appear to our manufacturing facility for inspection or you can nominate global the third element inspection organization.

4. What is the warranty for your machine?

If any defect or non-conformity arising from faulty design, resources, we shall get rid of flaws or change device.

five. What is the set up need of this machine?

The foundation of the equipment must be with enough power to help the excess weight of the equipment.

There need to be sufficient place about the device for servicing and inspection.

Grain King Dryers Tower Bin Blower Control System Network Wheat Corn   Italy Sask