New Technology Products Water Pack Milk Liquid Machine

New Technology Products Water Pack Milk Liquid Machine

New technologies products water pack milk liquid equipment

CZPT description

three-in-1 filling machine, merged with rinsing, filling and capping. It is innovated and designed in the need of even now pure h2o and mineral h2o, on the bases of introducing, digesting and absorbing superior technologies from Germany and Italy.

Main functions
Air conveyor
Air conveyor is horsed on the flooring, with supporter installed on the leading. Air filter is positioned at every single
entrance of air enthusiast, to stop dust blown into bottles. Bottles are blocked on the neck in the
conveyor and transported into filling device by blowing energy. All are manufactured of stainless steel
ANSI304, except the horses, board of plastic and nylon.
CZPT parameter
1. Model of supporter: DF-nine
2. Electricity supporter: 2.2 KW/Device flowing ability: 2800m3/h full force: 1650MPa rotation speed: 2840r/min weight:38kg
four. Length of air conveyor: in accordance to plant layout

Flat conveyor
1.Secure conveying, utilizing synchronous chasing handle amongst the conveying belt and
engine, generating bottles in very good issue in the conveying: non-falling, non-block, non-jam.
2. Conveying belt is made by module, component can be interchanged effortlessly, with compact structure, minimal sounds, easy assembling and sustaining, excellent overall flexibility to combine the
bottle sort according to the diverse ability.
3. The layout of electrical management is innovative and rational, we can layout the handle
strategy , choose the electrical management part in accordance to client’s format, to increase
the conveying stability
four. Set the change according to conveying technique format or customers’ realistic prerequisite,
for the comfort of operation.
5. Belt lubricating system is geared up
6.Primary portion all using ANSI304
seven. Fringe board is employing the U.S. Rexnord engineering to create

one.CZPT Peak:1050mm
2.Side panel: 304 stainless metal sheet, thickness is 2mm
3.Power: HangCZPT JIE Brand .75KW
4.Supporting leg: 304 stainless metal
5.Trunking and protect: 304 stainless metal
six.Lubricant h2o conservation tank: 304 stainless steel
seven.Chain plate: Domestic high-quality plastic chain plate,polyoxymethylene (POM)
8.CZPT housing: 304 stainless steel cage

A) Washing part of Bottled Mineral H2o Filling Device:
l All 304 stainless metal rinser heads, h2o spray design inject layout, conserve water usage & a lot more thoroughly clean
lI 304 Stainless metal Gripper with plastic pad, make certain minimal bottle crash during washing
lII 304 stainless metal washing pump

B) Filling Part of  Bottled Mineral water filling devices :
l High precision filling nozzle, PLC variable signal handle, ensure substantial filling precision & filling smoothly & steadily,
lIFilling quantity adjustable in good rank, same liquid level right after filling
lII All 304 stainless steel get in touch with areas & liquid tank, wonderful polish, no loss of life corner, easy to clean
lV 304 stainless steel filling pump
V no bottle no filling

C) Capping part of Bottled Mineral drinking water filling equipment:
l Place & capping system, electromagnetic capping heads, with burden discharge perform, make confident least bottle crash during capping
lI All 304stainless steel development
lII No bottle no capping,
lV Computerized end when absence of bottle



New Technology Products Water Pack Milk Liquid Machine