Organic Fertilizer Fulvic Acid Specifications, Buy Fulvic Acid

Organic Fertilizer Fulvic Acid Specifications, Buy Fulvic Acid

Major Ingredient:

Fulvic Acid (Dry Basis)≥90%, Amino Acid≥5%, PH: five-seven, Gibberellin: Suitable, Moisture≤2%, Water Solubility>99.9%


Certificate of Examination:



one.Physical appearance

Brown yellow powder


Odor of Fulvic

3.Solubility in h2o

ninety nine.9%



5. Fulvic Acid (Dry Basis)


6. Amino Acid





85 Mu


Item Data

Biochemical fulvic acid, also acknowledged as fulvic acid, is extracted from vegetation bodies, weathered coal, peat, etc, employing specific bacteria biological fermentation and chemical treament technologies. It is a kind of brief carbon chain molecular content extracted from natural crops, with large loading ability and physiological action. Fulvic acid contains modest molecule aromatic carboxylic acid chemical compounds, its primary parts containing fulvic acid, amino acid, trace component, and many others. It also is made up of organic energetic substances and plant endogenous hormone which includes nucleic acid, salicylic acid, carbohydrates, indole acids, collagen, etc.


Bodily and Chemical House:

Its physical appearance is brown yellow powder. It is instantaneously dissolved in water. Drinking water Solubility: 99.9%. PH: five.-7..


Merchandise Feature:

(one) Fulvic Acid is a variety of plant expansion regulator. It can market plant development and enhance absorption of of nutrition.

(2) Fulvic Acid has crucial function in crops drought resisting. It can enhance plants’ anti-adversity ability, enhance creation and enhance plants’ quality.

(3) Fulvic Acid can prevent and heal plants ailment and bolster flood-resisting capacity.

(four) Fulvic Acid can be employed for chelate macro components and micro elements, make them to be greater utilized by crops.

(5) Fulvic Acid can speed up precipitation and decomposition, boost soil composition.



1KG/10KG/20KG/25KG PP Bag



Organic Fertilizer Fulvic Acid Specifications, Buy Fulvic Acid