Plastic Swim-Separation Washing Tank for Washing Line

Plastic Swim-Separation Washing Tank  for Washing Line

WEEE household electrical plastics PP/HDPE/Abs/Pc separation washing tank/rinse tank washing device

              CZPT Swim-Separation Washing Tank(Floating-Sink)

CZPT swim washing tank is utilised to immersing and rinsing the flakes and separating out sinking dirties, such as the paper sticker.
While washing PP PE floating plastics,it is swim in mild weight,dirts fall down and press absent by a bottom screw. Washed plastic pushed by rollers from drinking water amount.
Whilst processing PET/PVC sinking plastics,it is all washing in bottom of water.

Swim-sink tanks use the different specific weights of numerous varieties of plastics to independent out.Typically software are teh separation of PET or PVC (sink) from polyolefines,these kinds of as PE or PP(both swim floating).

The light portion is transported along the surface area of the h2o by means of paddle drums to a discharge screw for subsequent processing.
The large fractions are discharge by base screw and extractd by a side screw loader.

PP woven bag
PE movie
HDPE bottle
PET bottle

CZPT information:

Model Length mm Width Potential PE film 
RS4500 4500mm 1320mm 300kg/h
RS6000 6000mm 1600mm 500kg/h
RS8000 8000mm 1900mm 1000kg/h
RS11000 11000mm 2000mm 2000kg/h

We can CZPT the proportions of the plastic floating sinking tank
Putting on a chain conveyor whilst washing LDPE/LLDPE film to enhance potential
A inclined conveyor condition style when processing PET bottle flakes
two or 3 washing circulation channels for more time stay in h2o design and style

Sink- floating tank is using for washing and cleaning grime plastics. It is put in the middle of washing plant which is soon after plastic crusher and before plastic dryer. Different plastics with numerous natures will need special types.A great sink floating tank resolution is crucial to the end of the plastic not only for clear but also for ability. By loads of drinking water and continually washing process, the plastics will go ups and downs with fully rolling. A hot tank heating by steam is occasionally essential when the plastics could adhere by oil and glue. 

By h2o density,it can be employed to different the sinking&floating plastics, large density plastics will sinking into water like PET flakes, low density plastics will floating on the area of drinking water like PE film,PP flakes.

The plastics like WEEEE household electrical plastics will have a really greater separation here by h2o and salt.

Usually the sink floating tanks are divided by plastics sinking or floating.

For Floating films:

The movie is lighter than h2o, so it is constantly floating on h2o. 

Often the movies may possibly with sand,mud or some other sticks. Here we need to make a deeper rolling pusher. It will guarantee films to continue to be a longer time in h2o, and additionally we add a screen in the middle of the tank to stop endless drop. In the stop of the tank, we normally add a chain conveyor to get a higher potential. 


Hot washing tank:
(Heating by CZPT or Steam)

For sink flakes:

Generally the sink flakes like PET bottles will sink into water. We design and style inclined variety washing tank which is more effortlessly than outdated variety. The flakes often continue to be beneath the water and will conveyor by a inclined screw quick.

With substances soda or detergent.


Models  Length  Power 
RTSF-300 4500mm two.2kw*2
RTSF-500 6000mm 2.2kw*3
RTSF-a thousand 8000mm 3kw*three


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Plastic Swim-Separation Washing Tank  for Washing Line