Price Automatic Fence Mesh Welding Machine Made in China

Price Automatic Fence Mesh Welding Machine Made in China

value automated fence mesh welding machine created in China(3-6MM)

Mesh welding device series:

Reinforcing mesh welding machine, fence mesh welding device, animal cage welding machine, metal grating welding machine, roll mesh welding device, wedged wire monitor welding machine, wire straightening and chopping machine and many others.

Mesh weaving device sequence:

Chain url fence equipment, barbed wire equipment, nail making device, wire drawing device, expanded steel mesh device, expanded metal device, gabion mesh equipment, hexagonal wire mesh equipment, crimped mesh machine and so on.

Parameter of machine 

Model  DP-FP-2500A  Wire diameter  2.five-6mm/3-5mm
 Line wire place  50-300mm  Cross wire place  25/12.5mm-300mm
 Width of mesh  Max.two.5m  Length of mesh  Max.6m
 Welding electrodes  48pcs  Welding pace  50-seventy five occasions/min
 Rated electrical electrical power  125kva*6pcs  Needed power  Min.160kva
 Weight  4.2T  Overall size  5.4m*3.2*1.7m

Specifics of machine 

Principal technologies 

     1.The control panel is a lot more clever, really simple to function. (Panasonic PLC plan)

     2.The longitude wires ought to be inserted into slot tunnels (cast iron substance), ideal for different diameter.

     3.The cross wires are fed from cross wire feeder, controlled by action motor and SMC (Japan) air cylinder.

     4.Pure purple copper (higher) and chromised bronze (lower), durable.

     5.Clutch motor and helical equipment reducer join the principal axis immediately, welding steady.

     6.Casting water-cooling welding transformers, high performance. The welding diploma is altered by PLC.

     7.Panasonic (Japan) servo motor+planetary reducer and SMC (Japan) air cylinders for pulling mesh.

     8.The cable drag chain is Igus manufacturer, imported from Germany, not effortlessly dangle down.

Wire feeding way

      The longitude wires and cross wires should be pre-straightened and pre-lower.

      1.The longitude wires are inserted into the slot tunnels manually.

      2.The cross wire are set into the cross wire feeder, which is controlled by stage motor&SMC (Japan) air cylinders,automated falling.

Loading & delivery

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Price Automatic Fence Mesh Welding Machine Made in China