Roller Idler Steel Frame for Belt Conveyor

Roller Idler Steel Frame for Belt Conveyor

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Our conveyor idler can widely applied for mining, coal, metallurgy, electrical power, wharf and sea port, grain, chemical and nearly any industy which have conveying system. 

Diverse variety of conveyor idlers: 
one. Flat/Carrier/Carrying Rollers: Employed to take care of bulk&device content. 
two. Impact Rollers: Put in at the loading stage to take up the shocks and to support shield towards belt damage. 
three. Return Rollers: Employed to maintain and assist the belt throughout its return segment and performs a cleaning action
—Return rollers with CZPTd Rings (Rubber Disc Rollers)
—Return Rollers with CZPTcal Rubber Rings (Spiral Rollers)
four. Self-aligning/Training Rollers: Utilized to change the belt deviation, avoiding hunting and making certain secure operation of conveyor belt. 
—Tapered self-aligning rollers
—Friction self-aligning rollers


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Different Types of conveyor idler body: 

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Roller Idler Steel Frame for Belt Conveyor